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Factfulness | Project

1. Factfulness quiz

How many facts do you know?
Take the Gapminder test about common misconceptions.

What do you know about other world topics (UN Goals)?

Input and interactive Tools

Video: How many are rich and poor
How does income relate to life expactancy?

How many are rich and how many are poor? from Gapminder on Vimeo.

Video: Income and life expectancy
Interactive chart about life expectancy and income

Presentation: Dollar Street

In groups (2-4) prepare a presentation.

  1. Choose an income level (or your teacher will assign one to your group)
  2. Visit Dollar Street and see how families in your chosen income level live.
  3. Choose one family and prepare a five minute presentation about this family. Include the following points:
points for presentation
  • The family and how they live
    • Family (info about the family)
    • Home (house and where they live)
    • Living room
    • Bed rooms
    • Kitchen
    • Drinking Water
    • Plates of Food
    • Toilet
    • Toys
    • Choose one or two other categories from the homepage, e.g. Street View, Light Sources, Pets, …
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